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"It's made of wool!"
Jesse when touching a wool tree. src

Wool World is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode that appeared in "The Last Place You Look". It was built by Soren the Architect.



Wool World is a large artificial environment located in The End. It is situated above the surface and is connected by a long wooden staircase. It is also located next to Soren's Laboratory.


Wool World appears to be an artificial replica of the Overworld which consists of fake grass, mountains, clouds, trees and a zombie all made entirely out of Wool. There is a small river running through the middle with a wooden bridge leading across it. There is also a fake sun made entirely out of glowstone which is used for lighting. There are levers and a button used to open the entry to Soren's Laboratory. There is also a lever up on the very top of the fountain, when pulled water will fill up the entire area as a fire defense.





  • It is unknown why Soren originally built Wool World. Gabriel said Soren was sometimes a little odd, but the real purpose of the build is still unknown.
  • In Episode 3, Soren mentions he also installed the "fire suppression system" as a precaution in case Wool World caught on fire.
  • When Jesse and Jesse's Gang visit Wool World, he/she can see numerous mushrooms growing throughout the place.
    • In Minecraft, mushrooms cannot be directly planted on wool.