Waffles is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode, Season Two and Fred's former pet before his death. He is determinately used to learn a fact about Fred.



Waffles looks like an ordinary chicken with white feathers, a yellow beak, black eyes, and yellow legs.


Not much is known of Waffles' personality, aside from the fact that Waffles allegedly could never make up his mind.



Not much is known of Fred and Waffles' former relationship, only that Waffles was Fred's pet, and that Fred loved him very much.


  • He is one of seven mobs in Minecraft Story Mode that has a name.
    • He is the second chicken in the game which has a name; the other being Benedict.
  • His name could be a reference to the food chicken and waffles.
    • A possible name origin is the fact that Waffles "waffles" down his feathers, as mentioned by Jesse. (Determinant)
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