I had a blast of a time today with Order at Craftventure, and we even met some new friends, like VogeltjeRok, one of the server's staff members, who showed us some secret areas including a secret coaster! I have some screenshots for you guys!

2017-07-27 23.48.55

Splashing down in Agua Azul!

2017-07-27 23.51.55

Partying with the dabbing Mexicans in Pitchi Pitchi Loco!

2017-07-28 00.01.39

Rushing over the river in Creeper Canyon Railroad!

2017-07-28 00.06.07

Taking a selfie with Mr. Gon Bao!

2017-07-28 00.09.53

Soaring through the air in Feng Huang!

2017-07-28 00.16.36

Retrieving Mr. Gon Bao's secret sauce!

2017-07-28 00.17.00

Jumping around in Gon Bao Castle!

2017-07-28 00.20.28

Chasing that boi out of my swamp in Sea Souls!

2017-07-28 00.23.34

Stealing TheLegend27's pirate booty!

All in all, thanks a lot to Order and VogeltjeRok, I really enjoyed tonight!