(This is something i wanted to do but this is like a trailer or something for... Yeah, something... I am bored ok so... Let's see how "Good" i am?)

  • Steve wakes up, in some room. He looks around*

Steve: What is this place? Huh? Uh... Huh? *He sees a mysterious man appear from the shadows which is a grey suit and a fedore (A hat) and face is not seen for now...*

Guy: Who are you?

Steve: I am Steve... Who are you?

Guy: Some guy... Who ask you... Do you work for "Herobrine?"

Steve: No! Opposite, i am against him! I was doing a mission to take him down!

Guy: You seem to lie, you LOOK LIKE him, but... You have eyes... Uh, yeah you sure? You look like you have a disguise, or is a clone of him or something?

Steve: Eh, i am Steve, not a clone so i am not something either eh mostly "Something" which is a man!

Guy: Oh, prove me you ain't... Ah! *He kicks somebody under him* Ricky! Watch where ya move! >:/!

Ricky: Sorry, boss!

  • The feet moves and then this "Guy" falls down... Which ISN'T a guy at all*

Steve: WOW! You ain't a guy! You are 4 animals!

  • A raccoon, rabbit, cat and squirrel*

Raccoon: Well, now ya know uh... I am Robin the Raccoon, those are Ricky the Rabbit, Charlie the Cat and Sam the Squirrel!

Steve: Nice to eh meet ya! :P..

Robin: >:/ Ok, who do ya work for IF ya work for Herobrine or not? If ya don't then ya should know who the good guys is?

Steve: I work for "Notch" and...

Robin: OH :O Notch? *The animals bow for Steve*

Steve: Uh what?

Charlie: He is a good guy, Robin! He knew Notch!

Sam: Yeah, i guess we should listen at Steve?

Steve: Yeah? :) Listen at me is a good choice!

Robin: Oh ok... We will take you out of here, so... Ricky! How to get out?

Ricky: Uh, the way we got in?

Robin: Oh, right...

  • All five enter outside*

Steve: So... How do we now do this, well how?

Robin: Oh well, right... We better obviously find Herobrine's lair...

Steve: I think i know where it is?

Sam: Well, let's do this!

Robin: Hey! I am in charge here... Let's do this!

  • All five lol is going yes all*

(Of course :/ I was bored <:/ So i wanted this to happen and this is actually idk maybe a good idea? Idk if anybody will see this blog btw but i tried my best so say what ya think?)