Ok, you know what, guys? I think i might not plan blogs anymore, why? Not a single person in wiki are caring about the blogs anymore, maybe, also, some users seems to ignore me, heck, even, you know guys, in chat tho, i am not kidding, i am tired of users not responding to me and just leaves without really responding at all, it is like if they pretends that i am not alive! I don't accept such treatment, and why do i post a blog anyway, nobody is gonna watch it but me, right? Nobody? Fine, really, users even seems to doubt me when some user is attacking me, and i never starts a fight, ever! So, i don't wanna be mad, still, sigh, idk if i will after all stay in the wiki like i wanted to, as nobody remembers me, anymore. So, IF you wanna talk to me, do it in other wikis IF ya would like to, ok? Still, if you WANT me to stay in this, wiki, yeah, say it to me, maybe in message wall, ok, say in the blog that you WANT me to stay, ok? Anyway, and yeah so i don't want to waste time and since nobody is watching my blogs anymore as said, i guess so, now, if you excuse me, we can meet in other wikis IF you guys happen to BE in them, too, so, this is Steve, saying goodbye guys, unless IF ya want me to stay, remember, leave a comment in this blog OR message wall and say something like: "Steve, please stay in the wiki! You have me!" Or something like that, ok? Anyway, hope ya guys understands, so, thanks for reading, and bye i guess, bye!

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