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    From today I announce a brand new short cut to this Wkia: will now redirect you to this wiki

    ' ‚Äč'Why?

    I wanted a quick and convinient way to access the wikia and decided to contact Wikia staff to redirect that link here!You have it now! So feel free to use the redirect wikia any time!

    Yeah it isn't really the biggest thing in the world but I thought I'd share it.

    Soo hope you had a magnificent day

    ~ HeroicNinja54 

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    Right so HI... never created a blog before.... kind of scary but anyways I wanted to talk about the Item Cake.

    As you know cake has existed since the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode and has appeared in every episode, but I wanted to ask you, can you gather which parts of episodes did have cake it in it? Or did only a few have  cake in it!

    Anyways (I should stop using the same word anyways.... but anyways....) Axel appears to love cake a lot more then Jesse I believe because in episode 5, it gave you the option to give the cake to Axel (whoops... spoiler alert)

    Cake has appeared in the following Episodes







    So I hope you enjoyed the first blog about cake....

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