The Radki Episode Brah XD

Shipper: How's it hangin folks? My name is Jetrashipper, and this is the super-cool Ask or Dare Episode 41! And here are my OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick! And my Wiki co-host, OOTCB!

OOTCB, Nikki & Nick: Hellooooooooooooooo Wikia!

Shipper: Now, we only have TWO valid dares for today's episode, so we're going to extend it with something really cool! I've been away for a while, because I've got some BIG things to show you guys before we do our dares! 

Nikki: Wait! Hold that thought! *hops into cage that reads "Fangirl Proof" on the side with Radar* Okay, go ahead!

Shipper: PAMA, please show the crowd what we're talking about!



by Michioreo123

Nikki: This was in the MC:SM Highschool AU made by the same person who made the art! This is NOT canon! 

Shipper: There's more, dude XD. But, we have to wait till PAMA has more space, so in the meantime, you, Radar, Jesse, and Petra have to do a multi-Pokemon battle! By order ofYoutubegirll6114!

Radar: Ooh! Pokemon! I love Pokemon!

Petra: Did you REALLY have to choose such a nerd for an intern, Jesse?

Jesse: Why? Because he has an advantage?

Petra: ...Yeah, let's go with that.

Shipper: Oh, and try to ignore any incoming ship art. PAMA will be posting throughout your dares.

Dare #137

Nikki & Radar: *w/ Pokemon Silveon, Frogadier, and Shinx*

Jesse & Petra: *w/ Houndoom, Staravia, and Koffing*


by TheMaroonLightning

Nick: Welcome competitors! It's Team Radki vs Team Jetra! You may noooooow...BEGIN!

Radar: I hope we can finish this battle before we all grow anime hair.

Nikki: Dude, you already HAVE anime hair. I doubt even SOREN could grow a hairdo like that.


Jesse: Houndoom, use Dark Roar!

Houndoom: *attacks*

Silveon: *is hit*

OOTCB: It's super-effective!

Radar: It is? Guess Silv wasn't paying attention.

Nikki: Hmmm...I think I know how to win this quick.

Radar: How?


by Juanstingstrip

Nikki: *whispers into Radar's ear*

Radar: Huh? You sure that'll count?

Nikki: Hey, I'm a co-host. That comes with privileges.

Radar: Hmmm...good point! Hey! Jesse! Petra!

Jesse & Petra: *look up* Yeah? *see Nikki has turned into her dragon form* O_O; Uh-oh.

Radar: Nikki, use Roar!

Nikki: *roars*


by ArtistKamie

Jesse & Petra: *blown out the window*

Nick: That's GAAAAAAAAME! Team Radki wins!

Nikki: Please stop calling us that.

Shipper: Ooh! Look! PAMA's pixelating in one last fanart!


by Micihoreo123

Radar: Oh, what the heck, PAMA?! Again, THIS IS NOT CANON! I'm starting to get tired of this!

PAMA: Do not blame the messenger, Spectacles.

Radar: Why does everyone call me that?! They're glasses! GLASSES!

OOTCB: Oh, pipe down and do your next dare. EnderDragonCrystal wants you and Nikki to play the Midnight Game.

Radar: Uh...that's a little scary...

Nikki: *sigh* Well, we'll never live down chickening out unless we try.

Dare #138

Radar & Nikki: *write their names on separate pices of paper at 11:55*

Radar: *turns off all lights until only a candle remains*

Nikki: *deep breath* Well, you ready?

Radar: No...let's do it.

Nikki: *blows out candleOkay...*takes sword and cuts self, staining the paper*

Radar: *takes arrow and does the same to himself*

Shipper: Why am I getting ship feels from a scary dare?

OOTCB: You tell me, dude. I got chills up my back.

Nikki: *knocks on wood door 22 times just as it becomes midnight*

Radar & Nikki: ...

Radar: somethiing supposed to happen?

Nikki: Beats me. Never played this game before. 

Midnight Man: *rises behind the two*

Nikki: -_-...He's right behind us, isn't he?

Radar: ...Yup.

Midnight Man: Greetings and good evening...

Nikki: Shall we run for our lives?

Radar: Splendid idea, milady. 

Radar & Nikki: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *book it*

OOTCB: *takes off Midnight Man costume* HAHAHAHAHA! XD LOL, THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

Nick: *holding Order up on his shoulders* They're gonna get us for this, ya know.

OOTCB: Oh yeah. We are SO dead when they find out.

End of Dares

Radar & Nikki: *burts through studio door* SHIPPER! WE ARE NOT DOING THIS AGAIN!

Shipper: Aw, chill guys! I have something that'll cheer you up!

Nikki: ...No. It better not be--


by ArtistKamie (Featured Photo)

Nikki: ...Oh...I remember this, actually. 

Radar: might be a bit misleading, but other than that, it's actually a nice picture.

Nick: Aw, good times! Look! There I am at the bottom, next to Jesse! :D And my bro and sis Jet and Perry are in there too!

Petra: The one time I didn't wear my bandanna. *sigh* That was a nice day for all of us.

Jesse: I'm rocking that ponytail, guys ^^ My best birthday photo yet.

Shipper: *grinning*

OOTCB: Awwwwwww, so KYOOOOOOT! Wait--who's that kid on Radar's shoulders?

Shipper: O_O; (Oh fudge nuggets!) Uh, well, that's our show, folks! Remember to keep rollin in those questions and dares!

Nick: Yeah! And if you want, try to guess in the comments who the kid in the last picture is!


Nikki: Till then, fellow Wikiers! Laters!