MCSM Season 1 Episode 1 GuiFFI Gameplay

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Chapter 1 

MCSM S1 Ep1 Ch1 (GuiFFI Gameplay)-1546546123

MCSM S1 Ep1 Ch1 (GuiFFI Gameplay)-1546546123

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My Choices (2016)

Did you send Reuben away or keep him with you? - Kept him with me

I kept him with me, because I don't wanted to loose him again or something bad happens to him.

He is my best friend after all. (And of everyone of course)

Did you rescue Lukas or alert Gabriel? - Rescued Lukas

I rescued Lukas, because noyone deserve to be left behind and he is a good friend.

Did you try to rescue Petra or Gabriel? - Helped Gabriel

I helped Gabriel, because I thought he could help easily the gang.

And I thought Petra could handle herself since she told me for help the others.

Did you keep Lukas from leaving the shelter? - I let Lukas leave the shelter

I let Lukas leave, because I wanted to respect his choice.

Did you choose to seek out Ellegaard or Magnus? - I chose Magnus

I chose Magnus, because I wanted to see the explosions and actions from his town.


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