I wanted to share one of my theory of MCSM, this theory is about how it's possible all charcaters doesn't get old or why some of the characters are youngers and some are adults? There most be a logic about it.

My Theory by parts

1) They are from the real life world and something happened

My logic is since the game Minecraft was created and get so poopular, I'm imagining the Jesse's gang (especially Jesse, Axel and Olivia) playing sometimes together, it would be the reason why Olivia know many things about how to build with redstones using often the crafting table and why Axel may like destroying things playing in Minecarft. Jesse would be the guy/girl who is beginner at playing minecraft I would think it's why Jesse doesn't already kill an animal or don't think bad about animals.

Something would have been happen in the real life what would make all the humans of the earth to "teleport" in the Minecraft world and being stock forever in this world, unfortunaly I couldn't find a specific reason. But there one prove I can tell that they was supposly on the real life world :

On the episode 1 of season 2, when you're on the adventure with Jack, Nurm and Petra while Jack told for the first time about the Admin, if you choose to say "Is nothing strange", Jesse gonna mention about the Witherstormcomputers and other things.

I mean he/she told about PAMA, but "many computers" we never saw on the game right? This could be a prove.

2) When they are stock on the Minecraft world forever


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