Hello everyone, I'm back finally on MCSM Wikia FANDOM ! I didnt miss nothing from there don't worry! 

Hopes things have been good with all of you!

Videos Ideas

I'm sharing my videos' ideas I could do of MCSM but specifically about focusing on one thing! : 

An Specific Personality for Jesse

What I mean is that I'm gonna do a gameplay video about Season 2, with a random Jesse and so depend of the personality I have got from random papers or a list, I'll need to pick the closers and specific choices! 


There is the personality I got from a list : Polite, Obedient, Academic

So I'll have to do a Jesse who cares about his work as responsable of Beacontown but respect the opinions of his friends and even of his enemies.

The Gameplay will be done on another blog for sure

  • The persons who plays the game and are interested can try the idea I have got, but keep in mind you need to do specific choices from the personality you've got for Jesse
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