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  • Элизабет-лисичка

    - Let the chicken in the minecart, and go away from here! - Ivor could not wait to get out of here.- Are you kidding?! Chicken, on which depends the WHOLE WORLD? Are you out of your mind? - Lukas said.- What? It should belong to the people! - Milo, too, was unhappy.Jesse agreed with Lukas, she herself was thinking about it.- Guys, Lukas is rights - Jesse turned and saw a smile on the face of the blonde. - It affects the world, and let there remains!- W-what? - Ivor could not restrain his indignation. - Really?! Then for what we came here ?!A moment later, someone lifted him into the air and tossed aside. Milo and Petra flew behind him.It was a founder.- I know, I know that you come here to steal the Eternal Source!For Founder Jesse and Luk…

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