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I'm V-Levin. I'm just someone interested in editing articles in a free encyclopedia.

  • I have grumpy personality, but I try to stay reasonable.
  • I like playing with cats. Cats are adorable.
  • I don't have special preference on any characters in MCSM.
  • I may be silent in a realtime conversation.
  • I think most of our users are good, but I have some sorts of physiological and mental problems being hard to remember their details.
  • I like to guide newcomers. It's good to see them becoming good editors or great writers.


(Grumpy Cat Minecraft Skin by theonetoday)

  • Attributes(Elements, on the top-left and the bottom-right corners):
    • Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Darkness

The Order of the Stone

Jesse's Gang


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