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One of the best scenes in the game. 10/10 would get punched again.

Hello! I am an avid Minecraft Story Mode fan! I've been watching you all for a while, maybe you should look out your windows more... I'm kidding, I've been watching this wiki for a bit. I also have a million headcanons concerning Jesse and the command block. And they are awesome.

Lukas and Jesse, friends forever!

My Theories

[Here you go.]

Here are the people I'm a fan of:

Reuben (HE WAS SUCH A CUTE PIGGY!!!) "Oink!"

Jesse (DOY!) "LUKAS!"

Lukas (He is adorable) "Easy, easy, easy, I gotcha"


Petra (Do NOT mess with the warrior) "We'll cover you!"

DanTDM (WHY IS YOUR HAIR CHANGING EVERY SCENE? PICK A COLOR!)"Cassie? how could you! We shared cookies together COOKIES!"

Stampy (I SHALL GIVE YOU THE CAKE!) "No sign of Cassie but- AH!"

Stacy (STOP BEING TO MAD! STACE, COME ON!) "Cassie, is this true?"

Captain Sparklez (NOOOOOOOO! CAPTAIN!) "Who could have done this?!"

Ivor (Very thin line, sir, very thin line... but you're awesome) "Do you still not understand how dangerous it is!?"

Axel (AXEL SMASH!) "Yeah,... uhh... my "source" doesn't exist.. you guys are my only friends"

Olivia (REDSTONE!) "I thought I was your best friend!"

Gill (You only have like... one sentence said...) "BLAZE RODS!"

Here are the people I don't like as much:


Gabriel (YOU LIAR!) "He's no friend of mine"

Ellegaard (Jerk.) You know what? SHE DOES NOT GET A QUOTE!


Torquedawg (Jeeeerrrrkkkkk) "Jesse? That's a boy's name!"

Winslow (Bad kitty!) "Meow!"

Soren (...coward) "*Runs away*"


Times this game blew my mind

Lukas falls off into the void (I screamed SO loud)

Jesse is kicked into the void (My hands hurt I slammed them down so hard)

Reuben dies.

Petra had no idea who she was.

Ellegaard dies (I thought she'd respawn until everybody got super upset)

Episode Choices

Episode 1:

  • I built an Enderman
  • I chose the name "The Order of the Pig"
  • I made my friends stay (I was gonna WIN)
  • I told Reuben to stay with me (I didn't want him to run off)
  • I let Axel take the potion
  • I went back for Lukas
  • I saved Petra
  • I built a hut
  • I kept Lukas with us
  • I crafted a bow and arrow
  • I went after Magnus (The ultimate life form)

Episode 2:

  • I fought with a bow, gave Axel the amulet
  • I chose pink wool for the battle
  • I chose "The Amulet Holder" for a name
  • I chose to wait until day
  • I fell down the pit (On purpose just so Lukas could come along)
  • I went after Magnus
  • I tried to let Ivor go
  • I took a hit from the potion and deflected the one heading to Petra

Episode 3:

  • I jumped into the tunnel
  • I saved my friends, I helped Petra to her feet
  • I let Lukas lead (Never occurred to me not to)
  • I revealed Petra's secret to everybody (Because I couldn't take Lukas's anger)
  • I high-fived Reuben
  • I said I'd be Soren's friend
  • I took Ellegaard's armor (On purpose so Magnus could live)
  • I saved all the survivors

Episode 4:

  • I had Gabriel ride with me
  • I blamed Jesse for Ellegaard's death
  • I convinced Lukas to stay
  • I made Petra stay in the cave
  • I gave all the potatoes to my friends (In fact, Jesse hasn't eaten ANYTHING!)
  • I went back to warn my friends
  • I didn't go into the maze
  • I kept Ellegaard's armor
  • I made a sword (I didn't care if a pick would make more sense, you wouldn't get an option to make whatever if one would not work!)
  • I made a Reuben minecart launcher
  • I cried after Reuben died
  • I made Gabriel shut his little mouth.

Episode 5:

  • I gave Axel the cake
  • I did the Builder Bump
  • I highfived that one fan
  • I let Ivor keep his dang house
  • I greeted Lukas
  • I went after Ivor
  • I refused to take Benedict (When I first saw his head I thought it was a lamb)
  • I saved the Founder
  • I took a potion of speed (That double punch)
  • I sent Aiden with me
  • I made Milo and Isa share power

Episode 6:

  • I befriended Torque
  • I showed Sparklez the flint and steel
  • I didn't accuse anyone
  • I saved Dan from spiders
  • I didn't think Lukas was TWP
  • I defended Lukas
  • I convinced everyone Cassie was the killer
  • I tried to save Cassie
  • I gave Winslow to Cassie

Episode 7:

  • I made nice with Petra
  • I helped Petra with the zombie
  • I tried pulling a chip off for Ivor
  • I refused to go with the controlled citizens (To be knocked out)
  • I told PAMA the truth
  • I tried to stall to protect Lukas and Petra
  • I helped Ivor up
  • I unchipped Lukas
  • I took a potion of leaping (It was more fun)
  • I blamed Jesse
  • I defended Harper

Episode 8:

  • I was nice to Harper
  • I saved Petra
  • I attacked Nell
  • I attempted to attack Nell again
  • I attempted to attack the Old Builders
  • I attempted to make a deal with Hadrian
  • I made nice with Nell
  • I told Petra I was sorry for picking Lukas over her
  • I teamed with Em
  • I went after Clutch (Dirty Petra killer!)
  • I saved Nell
  • I quickly went with Slab
  • I had us get there on time
  • I took Hadrian's deal
  • I thanked Em for the sword
  • I got a new sword to fight
  • I had Em work with Otto
  • I got Lukas's book back
  • I said bye to Harper
  • In response to Lukas's book question, I said "and she couldn't have done it without her friends."
  • I kept the book in the treasure hall
  • I ran after Ivor to catch up
  • I had Mevia and Hadrian be stuck with chickens. XD

Live Chat Items


My couch. It is a light gray couch with fluffy cushions and it is perfect for hiding under because plot. I like my couch.


It is the public chat fridge where we have all the plot foods you could want. Want a cookie? Go to the fridge! It'll be there! Because the fridge is always full of snacks.

The Tree

A device used to attack people comically. It is very selective in injuries. Policia does not like my tree.

The Chatmobile

My car used to go buy snacks. I also have a Chat Man costume in there...somewhere...


My pink turret. Friendly fire is off.



Narrator :D

He comes and narrates stuff for me when I tell him to. He works for me. He tries to pretend he hates everyone, but he does actually care for the others on chat; especially if Order cares for them. He's immortal unless I fire him or he entered an RP. He has powers of narration that let anything that he narrates happen.