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  • I was born on February 17
  • My occupation is designer drawing and pages editor
  • I am Female
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=='''❤ Dedication Memories MCSM 2015-2019  ❤ ❤ Jesse & Reuben! ❤'''==
=='''❤ Dedication Memories MCSM 2015-2019  ❤ ❤ Jesse & Reuben! ❤'''==

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❤ Dedication Memories MCSM 2015-2019  ❤ ❤ Jesse & Reuben! ❤

!! ❤ Best Moment ❤ !!


Special Gallery Jesse and Reuben Moments From Gameplay !

Rest In Peace Reuben 2015-2019 !

Dedication To MCSM Game 2015-2019 ! Always In My Heart !

GuiFFIFan ofPetra



Hi dear users and fans of Minecraft My name is GuiFFI or simply Gui, i'm a fan of this game. In this WIKI i will try to participate and make somes editions if its necessary for make details. My little job in WIKIs are put informations and details about characters and episodes.

The Persons I Appreciate in this WIKI (+Nicknames)

adding more, more later...

❤ My Favorite Character Of The Game ❤

Imagepetraironpickaxe This user is a fan of Petra.

"Is EnderCon a chicken convention? 'Cause I'd love to go to a chicken convention!"

❤ She is my favorite character because I love theses characters how show brave sides and her personality. She is my TOP 1 of the game

Nerm the Villager

This user is a fan of Nurm.


❤ He is my favorite character of season 2 becauseI I love his calm and kind personality. He is my TOP 2 of the game 


GuiFFIFan ofPetra

In the game

"The Order of the Stone"
This user's favorite episode is "The Order of the Stone".
"The Last Place you Look"
This user's favorite episode is "The Last Place You Look".
"A Block and A Hard Place"
This user's favorite episode is "A Block and a Hard Place".
"Order Up!"
This user's favorite episode is "Order Up!".
"A Portal to Mystery"
This user's favorite episode is "A Portal to Mystery".
S2 Ep1 Cover
"Hero in Residence"
This user's favorite episode is "Hero in Residence".
Ep3 Cover
"Jailhouse Block"
This user's favorite episode is "Jailhouse Block".
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