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    13:25, October 13, 2017

    Hello Everyone! Wolf here with something I want to address...


    Now, I know everyone is excited for the next MCSM episode, but since staff is going to be inactive for most of the day, and there are some people who don't want to get spoiled. Now, I know early access is here, and Youtubers play the game early, but some users still want to be here and don't want spoilers...

    So please, don't add Spoiler comments or spoilers to the pages, instead, use {{Spoiler|(Insert your text)}} or {{Spoiler/mini|(Insert your text)}} to hide the spoilers in your comments/edits.

    Wolf Fan | The Wolf of Wiki | Wiki User
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    • As I said on the old thread, I think we should just ban spoilers altogether until it releases worldwide. The spoiler template doesn't stop spoilers from being viewable automatically via the Wiki Activity Feed.

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