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"So help me, NONE of you will leave this place until you ELIMINATE EACH OTHER!"
—Hadrian. (Determinant) src

The Walls is the final mini game in The Games run by The Old Builders.



The Walls consists of four sections blocked off by huge walls which collapse once the timer ends. Each section has unique resources which can be used to craft various items. After the walls drop, players must fight each other and eventually the gladiators so that they can climb the Winner's Pedestal and win the game.


  • Players may not access others' sections before the walls drop.
  • Whoever steps onto the Winner's Pedestal wins. More than one person can do so at once.
  • No outside materials are allowed into the game.



  • At the start of The Walls, Hadrian mentions that the sections are drawn at random. However, it is suspected that Jesse's section was rigged, as his/her's only contained Dirt, Gravel, a Crafting Table, and Coarse Dirt.


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