"The first world. Created by us. Romeo, Fred, and me. Haven't seen it since I was imprisoned. Before he bedrocked over it all."
Xara to Jesse's Gang after seeing her "bedrocked" world. src

The Underneath is a location that appears in "Jailhouse Block" and "Below the Bedrock" of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 created by Xara, Romeo, and Fred. It is the first world created by the three Admins.



The Underneath is a world below the bedrock layer of the Overworld and the Sunshine Institute.


The Underneath had been similar to the surface of the Overworld. It was covered by the layer of bedrock by Romeo after Fred's death and Xara's start of imprisonment.


In "Below the Bedrock", the Underneath consisted of 3 major hubs which are: The Oasis, Romeoburg and Fred's Keep. Besides, the first two places mentioned are located in a Mesa biome while the last one mentioned is located in a Mushroom Island biome.




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