"The Order of the Stone" is the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, Season 1.


Chapter 1

"Nothing built can last forever, and every legend no matter how great fades with time. With each passing year, more and more details are lost, until all that remains are myths. Half-truths. To put it simply: lies.
Yet in the known universe, between here and the Far Lands... the Legend of the Order of the Stone endures, unabridged, as self-evident facts.
Indeed, it is only a troubled land that has need for heroes. And ours was fortunate to have, so long ago, four heroes such as these:
Gabriel the Warrior, before whose sword all combatants would tremble.
Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer, whose machines would spark an era of inventions.
Magnus the Rogue, who would channel his destructive creativity for the benefit of all.
And Soren the Architect, Builder of Worlds, and leader of the Order of the Stone.
These four members, four friends, would give so much to gain their rightful place as four heroes. Their greatest quest would take them on a dangerous journey, to fight a mysterious creature known as the Ender Dragon.
In the end, the Order of the Stone emerged triumphant, and the dragon was defeated. Their story complete, they slipped away into the pages of legend.
But when one story ends, another one begins.
—The narrator's introduction. src

The story begins with the narrator talking about The Order of the Stone: Gabriel the Warrior, Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer, Magnus the Rogue, and Soren the Architect. The Order had managed to defeat the Ender Dragon and become a legend.

In the present, at a treehouse in the middle of a forest, Jesse, a fan of Gabriel the Warrior and a poster collector, is preparing for the EnderCon Building Competition alongside his/her friends, Axel, a griefer, Olivia, a Redstonist, and their pig, Reuben (Pig). Jesse's group are known for constantly losing (as Olivia can determinantly reveal that they lost the Building Competition nine times in a row) and other teams often call them the "loser's". After planning to create a firework dispenser, Jesse decides to make a statue in front of it so it'll gain more attention for the judges. Axel then decides the statue should be of a mob and suggests building a Creeper, but Olivia suggests an Enderman as she thinks that they are more scarier. Jesse can support either side or can suggest building a Zombie, but if Jesse remains silent, Axel takes it upon himself to decide that they will be building a Creeper.

After gathering the supplies, Jesse's Gang heads to the competition. Upon hearing they have to make a team name, Jesse can decide it to be "The Order of the Pig," "The Dead Enders," or "The Nether Maniacs." If Jesse remains silent, Axel gives them the team name "No-Names". A rival team, The Ocelots, consisting of Lukas, Aiden, Maya, and Gill vows to win the competition again. All of the members except for Lukas taunt Jesse's team for their reputation of losing, naming them "The Order of the Losers". Jesse's team see that The Ocelots have obtained a Beacon, which worries them about the chances of winning. Petra, a local trader, drops by to check out the build and wishes both Jesse's team and The Ocelots luck on winning. Lukas reveals that she assisted in giving them a nether star to create their Beacon, as Petra states that she will help anyone for the right price. After conversing with Lukas, the competition begins, and Jesse's team completes their build, drawing attention from judges and other builders. Aiden, realizing that Jesse's team is gaining more attention than his own build throws a tantrum. In his rage, he breaks a build containing lava, and it spills on Reuben's Ender Dragon costume that Axel gave him earlier, setting it on fire, causing Reuben to panic and run off into the woods. The lava is still spreading and will soon set Jesse's gang's statue on fire. Jesse is then left with a decision:

Ask for help to find Reuben: Axel and Olivia come with Jesse to help find Reuben. Upon arriving at the woods, they all decide to split up, deciding that if they get lost then to meet up at EnderCon by following the lighting. As a consequence, Jesse's gang's build will be burned down, and they will lose the competition once again.

Go find Reuben alone: Axel and Olivia stay and re-contain the lava, ensuring that their build is safe. Jesse goes out into the woods alone to find Reuben. As a result, Jesse's gang will win the Building Competition.

Remain Silent: Olivia will take it upon herself to decide that she and Axel will come and help Jesse to find Reuben.

Chapter 2

"In a single day, you went to the Nether, you killed a Wither Skeleton... I mean, I did build a super-cool statue, but still, it's pretty sweet being you, huh?"
—Jesse to Petra. src

As dusk is nearing in, Jesse eventually finds Reuben hiding behind some tall grass and feeds him a carrot they can find earlier during the search, they are attacked by a group of hostile mobs. After finding a dead end, Jesse fights off several Zombies and their wooden sword breaks. With more mobs closing in and running out of hope, Jesse is left to decide on ensuring Reuben's safety:

Distract the mobs: Jesse tells Reuben to run away and meet at EnderCon while he distracts the mobs. Reuben then sprints through the crowd of Mobs and makes it out unharmed, leaving Jesse behind to fend for him/herself. Reuben will soon be found at the butcher's booth in EnderCon.

Protect Reuben: Jesse tells Reuben to stay put while they fight off the mobs. A zombie nears in and strikes Reuben in the face. After killing the zombie, Jesse finds that Reuben has a black eye.

Remain Silent: This results in the same as the latter.

After being overwhelmed by spiders, Petra appears and comes to Jesse's aid, they retreat to a nearby cave. In the cave, Petra shows Jesse a Wither skull that she obtained from the Nether, and tells Jesse that a contact she's meeting at EnderCon is trading her the skull for a diamond. Jesse feels suspicious at first, but reluctantly accepts to assist her. Before leaving the cave, Jesse crafts a stone sword. Upon exiting the cave and walking onto a bridge, EnderCon can be seen from a distance. If Axel and Olivia went with Jesse earlier to find Reuben, a beacon can be seen from EnderCon showing that the Ocelots won the competition, Jesse is disappointed by this. If Axel and Olivia stayed behind to save the build, fireworks can be seen emitting from EnderCon showing Jesse's team finally won the competition after years of losing, Jesse is proud by this. Petra tells Jesse that even though Lukas may have his cons, Jesse should try and become friends with him because he has helped Petra before. After conversing, hostile mobs start charging from both sides of the bridge. With no other way off the bridge, they are left with to either jump off the bridge or fight their through the mobs. If Jesse decides to fight, after killing a creeper, the mobs continue to close in on Jesse and Petra until the Creepers begin to discharge, knocking them off the bridge. If Jesse decides to jump, they jump off before the creepers discharge. If Jesse remains silent, they come to the conclusion that they're "screwed", Petra pushes Jesse off the bridge before jumping off herself. After Jesse, Petra and Reuben (Determinant) land in the water, they swim away to EnderCon.

Chapter 3

"There's got to be something bigger going on here. Something we just don't see."
—Petra seeing Ivor's Wither structure. src

Back at EnderCon, Jesse and Petra are reunited with Olivia and Axel, who are either disappointed or are happy depending on if they went with Jesse or stayed to save the build, Jesse, Petra and Reuben (Determinant) leave off to meet the contact while Axel and Olivia head inside EnderCon. Jesse is motioned by Petra to move to the "dark alley" for the trade, the contact is not there so Petra searches around, Jesse takes notice to a lone chest, before they can look into it however, the contact arrives, revealing to be a man named Ivor, shortly after conversing Petra appears and makes the trade with the wither skull, Ivor then motions them to the chest Jesse noticed earlier, claiming the diamond is inside, upon looking inside however, Ivor scams Petra with nothing more but a lapis lazuli, while they are distracted he runs off so she and Jesse chase after him, the two split up. While searching around for Ivor, Jesse can engage in a small conversation with Lukas and/or Axel who are in the area, Jesse spots someone who they believe to be Ivor, they follow him but is then stopped by Aiden who taunts Jesse about the competition, Jessee barges past him. Jesse then confronts "Ivor" but it turns out to be a woman, after the mix up, Jesse overhears a pig squeal and finds Reuben at a porkchop stand, he was kidnapped or found in the woods by a butcher. The butcher offers to give Reuben back if Jesse trades something with him, Jesse can either threaten the butcher with their sword, give him their stone sword, or do nothing which will cause Reuben to attack the butcher, knocking him down. Regardless of Jesse's choice, Reuben will reunite with him/her, whom Reuben will be upset with Jesse for leaving him out in the forest or not looking out for him while searching for Ivor. After Olivia, Axel, Petra, Jesse and Reuben reunite at the gate to the hall, they spot Ivor walking to the hall, they try to go after him but the usher will not allow them through unless they have tickets, however they soon find out that the usher is afraid of chickens. Coming up with a plan, they obtain 8 slimeballs from the woman who Jesse encountered earlier, and obtain one more from Lukas who then decides to join the group, after creating a slime block, they it use to break open a nearby chicken machine, causing the usher to panic and allowing Jesse and their friends to get into the hall.

In the hall, the group find an open door to the basement, they sneak inside to find out that Ivor used the basement as his own secret room. While looking around, Petra finds a golden sword, which she gives to Jesse if they made the trade with the butcher earlier for Reuben, if not, she keeps it for herself. Axel then finds a fancy potion which he takes an interest to, Jesse can either take it for their-self or Axel will just take it himself, he then replaces the potions place with a similar looking one already in the lab so Ivor won't know it was stolen. Jesse then finds a lever which they activate to reveal a room hidden behind a bookshelf, which contains a chest with two wither skulls, and a soul sand pattern to creating a Wither, but with a Command Block in the middle. Before they are able to take back the wither skull, Ivor arrives back and so the group hides, upon confronting him he demands them to leave, after they refuse, he places a pumpkin on top of a pre-made Iron Golem pattern, which activates an Iron Golem, Jesse and the group retreat. Upon getting back up into the hall, Gabriel the Warrior makes it to the stage to give out his speech and answer questions, however the group realizes that Lukas is missing, knowing that he is still in the basement. However knowing that Ivor is planning to build a Wither to unleash on the audience, Olivia suggests they alert Gabriel as soon as possible in an attempt to stop Ivor and help Lukas in the process. Jesse is then left to decide:

Save Lukas: Jesse tells the group to inform Gabriel while Reuben and Jesse go back to save Lukas. Jesse heads inside the basement and after making it past the Iron Golem, they are able to get Lukas out of the basement safely. Upon returning to the crowd, it is apparent that Axel is having trouble trying to tell Gabriel that Ivor is planning to unleash a Wither and trying to not cause any panic in the crowd at the same time. Gabriel then dismisses Axel to ask another question.

Alert Gabriel: Jesse agrees to get Gabriel's help in saving Lukas and stopping Ivor. Upon getting to the front of the crowd and past Aiden, Jesse or Olivia informs Gabriel about Lukas being trapped or that Ivor is planning an attack. Gabriel announces he'll have this solved.

Remain Silent: Olivia makes the decision to alert Gabriel. The rest results in the same as the latter.

Regardless of the previous choice, Ivor then shows up anyway, and upon making it through the crowd, Gabriel clearly expresses knowledge of who he is, much to Jesse's surprise. Ivor gets up to the stage and pulls a lever, revealing the Wither structure from earlier but with two wither skulls already placed on top. Ivor places the final wither skull Petra gave him earlier and creates a Wither with the Command Block sticking out of it's rib cage. Ivor orders the creature to attack, everyone in the audience panics and runs out of the hall. After launching two projectiles at Jesse, it begins to suck up nearby blocks, making it become much larger. Gabriel attempts to fight the Wither, but his attempts are futile, as the Wither has become more stronger with the blocks it sucks up. As the Wither becomes more powerful, Ivor tries to command it by ordering it to retreat; however, he loses control of it, and the Wither continues to suck up more blocks. Ivor attempts so stop the Wither by throwing a potion at it, however this does nothing as he was meaning to throw the fancy potion Axel or Jesse took earlier which turned out to be an elixir that would ultimately kill the Wither upon splashing onto the Command Block. Upon realizing this, Axel or Jesse throw the elixir at the Command Block, but fail to kill the Wither as the it shields the Command Block with the blocks it sucks up around into it's rib cage, Ivor retreats after realizing his plan has been spoiled. The Wither becomes more powerful as it obtains the ability of sucking people up with a tractor beam coming from it's new formed eye, Gabriel is caught in the beam but he is saved by Olivia and Jesse, Gabriel then asks Jesse and the group for help by following him to his fortress.

After getting out of the hall, the Wither obtains so many blocks it evolves into a massive flying monster, the Wither Storm, beaming up any people caught in its tractor beams, trapping them. Jesse then reunites with Lukas, who will be angry with Jesse if they left him behind or grateful if they went back to save him. After the group fully reunites, Petra gets sucked up by the tractor beam, and Jesse saves her with the help of Gabriel, who alerts everyone to get to his fortress. As they retreat from EnderCon, the Wither Storm continues to destroy so much of EnderCon and the surrounding area.

"There are so many of them... I-I can't save them all. I can't stop this by myself. We need to find the others."
"Soren's been missing for years. But the others, you must seek them out!"
—Gabriel giving Jesse the mission of reassembling the Order of the Stone. src

As they are running through the forest, the Wither Storm launches projectiles at the civilians running, setting the woods on fire, as well as using its tentacles to attack people at close range. Aiden, Maya, Gill and the butcher are all sucked up by the Wither Storm. Ironically, upon arriving inside Gabriel's fortress, the only remaining survivors are Jesse, Reuben, Gabriel, Petra, Axel, Olivia and Lukas. Gabriel activates a secret door to a room completely made out of Obsidian, which he believes will protect them from the Wither Storm; however, he is proven wrong. Gabriel then urges the group to go through a Nether Portal, which will lead them to the Temple of The Order of the Stone. After Jesse or Petra activates the portal, Axel, Olivia and Reuben head inside but before Petra, Jesse, and Lukas go in themselves, they notice Gabriel is being attacked by one of the tentacles. Jesse rushes to Gabriel's aid and saves him. As Gabriel notices that more people arrive to the fortress and are sucked in by the Wither Storm, he comes to the conclusion that he cannot stop the Wither Storm and he won't be able to save the people. He tells Jesse to find and reunite the rest of the Order of the Stone, giving Jesse his Amulet, which will help him/her locate the Order. Jesse then notices Petra is in danger and rushes to her aid; Petra then tells Jesse and Lukas to get through the portal and she will stay behind to help the best as she can, telling him/her that she will meet at the temple. Before Jesse leaves, Gabriel gets sucked up by the beam. Petra rushes to his aid, only to get sucked up by another beam herself. Jesse is then left with limited time to decide whether to save Petra or Gabriel before the tractor beam sucks them far up out of reach. This decision will dramatically affect the plot of episodes 2, 3, and 4.

Help Petra: Petra thanks Jesse and alerts him/her that Gabriel is still stuck in the beam. Gabriel yells at Jesse to leave without him, but before Jesse can even attempt to get to the beam to and pull him down, the Wither Storm's tentacle knocks Jesse over into Lukas, pushing them both through the Nether portal.

Help Gabriel: Gabriel thanks Jesse and tells him/her to get to the portal. Petra calls out for Jesse's help, but before Jesse can even attempt to get to the beam and pull her down, the Wither Storm's tentacle knocks Jesse over into Lukas, pushing them both through the Nether portal.

Chapter 4

Upon making it into the Nether, Axel begins to pressure Lukas for not assisting Jesse when Petra and Gabriel were stuck in the tractor beams and decides to go back to help Petra but is stopped by Olivia. Lukas notices that someone is being teleported through the portal, and it was revealed to be Ivor. Ivor comes through the portal, and a Wither Storm tentacle comes in through the portal and destroys it. Ivor then begins to shame Jesse and his friends for interfering with his plan to destroy the Wither Storm by stealing his Elixir, putting the blame on them for the fact that the Wither evolved into the Wither Storm. He planned to control it with the Command Block, but his precaution to stop it failed because they took his Elixir. Jesse can punch Ivor in response to this. Axel brings up Petra, and Ivor claims that he saw her get away from the beam and was running in the opposite direction of the portal. Ivor then informs Jesse and the gang that there is network of minecarts nearby built by the Order, and it will lead them to an exit out of the Nether. He then wishes them luck and uses a Potion of Invisibility to escape. A Ghast then appears and begins to chase the gang. The gang then finds the network of minecarts that Ivor mentioned and enter them, going through a tunnel and getting away from the Ghast.

After going through a very lengthy rail, activating levers, getting split-up, fighting off Ghasts and Skeletons, the group reunites, and the minecarts come to a stop at a Nether Fortress with a Nether portal. The group begins to contemplate what they will find on the other side, whether it will be at the jaws of the Wither Storm or at the temple Gabriel wanted them to get to. Axel then decides that he will go through the Nether portal to see and find out for himself; while trying to act brave, he is also worried to what he will run into. Jesse can offer to go first instead or let Axel go first in order to prove his bravery.

Chapter 5

If Jesse goes through the portal first, he/she is encountered by a zombie, which he/she kills. Axel and the others then come through the portal. Likewise, if Axel goes through the portal first, Jesse goes next, only to find that Axel is being attack by a zombie. Jesse kills the zombie, and Axel declares that he is "never going first again." The others then come through the portal.

The group then find themselves in the middle of nowhere at night, so they decide to build a shelter and rest for the night. Olivia suggests building a treehouse so that they can be up high and away from the mobs, but Axel objects and says that it will take a while to make and spiders will still be able to climb up. Axel suggests building a hut made out of dirt as it will be quick to make, but Olivia objects and says that they will be at mob level and zombies can easily break down the door. Jesse can decide to support Axel or Olivia's idea and create what they thought of. If Jesse remains silent, Axel will decide to make the hut anyway because Jesse "didn't say no".

After building the shelter of choice, the group builds a fireplace and relaxes around it. Axel remembers that he has cookies on him and gives them to everyone except Lukas because he only has four. Jesse notices this, and Axel apologises (though clearly not sincerely) about it. Lukas says that it's fine, and he'll find something to eat in the morning. Jesse can decide what to do about it:

Give Lukas the cookie: Jesse generously hands Lukas his/her cookie. Lukas tries to decline the offer, but Jesse insists that he take it. Lukas thanks Jesse and eats the cookie; Axel is then upset with Jesse for deciding to give away a cookie he specifically gave to him/her.

Keep the cookie: Jesse eats the cookie and Lukas looks on miserably.

Remain Silent: Reuben notices that Lukas is left without a cookie. Feeling sorry for him, he gives his cookie to Lukas, who then thanks him. Axel then asks if Jesse has a problem about eating the cookie, and so Jesse eats it.

Axel begins to become agitated by Lukas' presence because of their past and him being a member of the Ocelots. Axel then insults him and pins Petra's absence on him. Lukas, realizing that he is making things worse by being around, decides to leave. Olivia tells him not to as it is dangerous outside, but Axel supports letting him leave. Jesse can decide which side he/she wants to support:

Tell Lukas to stay: Jesse denies letting Lukas leave and tells him to stay. Lukas will stay only if Jesse has supported him throughout the conversation; otherwise, he will leave. It begins to rain, if the treehouse was built, Lukas says rain is better then having to deal with the mobs. Lukas then thanks Jesse for defending him and keeping him around.

Let Lukas leave: Jesse tells Lukas to be careful and he leaves, Olivia tells Jesse if anything happens to Lukas. Then, she is pinning the blame on him/her. It begins to rain; if the hut was built, Axel feels guilty and says he didn't know it was going to rain. Olivia then asks Jesse if feels happy for letting Lukas go out in the dark when it's raining, and Jesse retorts that Lukas will be fine.

Remain Silent: This results in the same as the latter, except Olivia blames Jesse less.

The next morning, the group leaves their shelter in search of the Order's temple. If Lukas stayed, he and Jesse shortly converse about the events of the previous night, he then spots a structure behind a cliff. If Lukas left the previous night, he regroups with Jesse and the others and offers them some Apples he collected, and apologises for what happened but believes that does not matter as Petra is in need of them all, he promises that he will not let Petra down again and officially joins the group, vowing to be with them "to the end." After climbing some vines, the group finds the Temple of the Order of the Stone and walk inside.

Chapter 6

"We've got to find the Order of the Stone."
—Jesse. src

Inside the temple, the group trigger an arrow trap with a pressure plate and must find some way to trigger the pressure plate again and deactivate the trap. Using the items they all have, Jesse can choose to either craft a set of Bow and arrows or a Fishing Rod to shut the Dispensers that shoot the arrows off.

Moving to the next room, the group find themselves in an enchantment room and find a significant book on an enchantment table, the books consists of the story about the order that everyone is familiar with, however with one different detail, there were actually five members instead of four, Ivor being that fifth member. The group confused with the idea why he was never mentioned in any other story, conclude that it explains how he and Gabriel knew each other. If Jesse punched Ivor earlier, Axel becomes shocked that he/she actually did so to a member of the order.

Climbing up some stairs, the group finds themselves in a room with a map. Jesse then activates a Tracking Device by placing the Amulet on a pedestal and flipping levers in a pattern that turns on a Redstone Lamp and shows the location of the members of the Order of the Stone on the map.

The group realizes that Magnus the Rogue and Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer are the only remaining members of the Order of the Stone in the Overworld. Lukas volunteers to stay behind and fortify the Order's temple to help any survivors and wait for Petra in hopes that she is still alive and suggests that another person stays with him. Axel suggests that Olivia stays behind while he and Jesse go get Magnus the Rogue, while Olivia suggests that Axel stays behind while she and Jesse go get Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer. Jesse is presented the choice of either going with Axel to find Magnus or going with Olivia to find Ellegaard.

Find Magnus: Jesse leaves Olivia behind with Lukas, and Olivia agrees but says that she will do it only for Petra. Axel leaves with Jesse to find Magnus the Rogue.

Find Ellegaard: Jesse leaves Axel behind. Axel questions about him being left with Lukas, whom he has a grudge against, but eventually agrees to stay for Petra. Olivia leaves with Jesse to find Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer.

After making the decision, the gang notices the Wither Storm approaching from afar, and the episode ends.

"While the great storm grows, consuming everything in its wake, time is running out for our intrepid heroes."
—The epilogue of the episode. src

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