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This article about a group of builders who are rivals of the main characters in the game. For the mob, see Ocelot.

"I reformed the Ocelots because I wanted to remind everyone of how things were before. And most of all... I wanted to remind you."
Lukas to Jessesrc

The Ocelots are a gang of builders who first appear in "The Order of the Stone". They are founded and led by Lukas. The group were once disbanded when Aiden, Maya, and Gill left Lukas behind and formed The Blaze Rods. After Romeo takes over Beacontown, Lukas frees imprisoned townspeople and recruits them as new members.




The Ocelots are seen in formal attire, with matching leather jackets adorned with ocelot faces. However, they do have different shirts.


In Season 1, the Ocelots are a group of arrogant builders, although this behavior is not encouraged by Lukas. They are rivals of Jesse's gang, and always put them down and fight with them. Except for Lukas, they seem to be rude a lot and want to get rid of Jesse's Gang.

In Season 2, after Lukas recruits new members, the group become a rebel group against Romeo's dictatorship. They are hostile towards Jesse when they see them in the floating tower, but they turn friendly after they understand that Romeo was disguised as Jesse.


  • Lukas is the only initial member of The Ocelots to not be in The Blaze Rods.
  • Lukas is the only member to be part of both the new and the old Ocelots.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", after realizing that the other members of The Ocelots might be freed from The Wither Storm, Lukas may leave Jesse's gang to look for them. Jesse has the choice of whether or not to allow Lukas to go.
  • Nell will become a member regardless of whether she is thrown to the prison or not, as Nell will be seen wearing the Ocelots' Jacket after Jesse returns from Terminal Space, no matter what.
    • In the floating tower, an unnamed man will take her place if she isn't arrested.


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