"Well there you have it! A deal has been struck! To the Games!"
Hadrian. (Determinant) src

The Games/The Builder Games is both a regular event and location in Minecraft: Story Mode that appeared in "A Journey's End?".



The Games primarily take place inside a large arena located in a snow biome, in the world of The Old Builders. The arena is also located relatively close to the Competitors' Village and Hadrian's Palace.


The Games have a unique set of rules, created by The Old Builders, that all competitors must abide by. Any competitor who breaks the rules will be eliminated from The Games unless an exception is made, as in Jesse's case. If someone is to die in while playing in the games, they are eliminated and sent to mine for quartz in the mines, which are located in The Nether.

List of Games:





  • "The Games" is a possible reference to the novel and movies series called The Hunger Games.
    • Hadrian bears some resemblance to President Coriolanus Snow. Both are the leaders of the games and enforce the competitors through violence and manipulation. Plus, both of them are the main antagonists in their stories.
    • Otto's role is similar to Plutarch Heavensbee, as the one who makes sure the rules are being followed. Both of them also later serves as supporting characters.
    • Mevia's role has very little reference to the Hunger Games. She could still have some resemblance to Commander Romulus Thread, for both are very ruthless and sadistic.
    • Harper has almost no reference to the Hunger Games, except that she serves as a supporting character to Jesse, like Haymitch Abernathy supporting Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games.
    • Jesse's role in "A Journey's End?", is similar to Katniss Everdeen. Both are competing in the games and are rebelling against it. Plus, both of them are the main protagonist in their stories.
  • According to Hadrian, The Games had never been stopped before until Jesse's gang accidentally entered the Spleef match.
  • The events in the games are real Minecraft mini games that players often play on servers.
  • If Jesse and his/her friends lost the Games, Harper would have to go to the mines too.


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