"Welcome, ladies and gentle-griefers, to the Death Bowl!"
—The referee at the start of the Death Bowl. src

​The Death Bowl is an arena present in Boom Town that hosts grief-offs between griefers living in Boom Town.



The Death Bowl is a competition in which two griefers build towers to blow up their opponent's tower while keeping your tower intact and staying on it. If one were to die or fall off, the competition ends.


The Death Bowl is located in Boom Town. However, it's unknown where in the town the Death Bowl is since Jesse (determinant), Axel, and Reuben (Pig) (determinant) were teleported there, but it seems to be somewhere near the center.



  • The only Death Bowl grief-off shown is the one when Jesse battles Magnus the Rogue in "Assembly Required" (determinant).
    • Axel presumably goes against Magnus the Rogue if Jesse decides to go to Redstonia; however, this is never shown.
  • Jesse has the option to choose pink wool for building material. Picking this material will make Reuben (pig) happy. Alternatively, if Jesse chooses wood or stone, Reuben (pig) will be disappointed.
  • If Jesse stays silent when being asked for his/her name, Axel suggests "The Pig Master".
  • If Jesse takes too long to choose a material, a griefer will give him/her sponge blocks.


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