The Complete Adventure ​is a purchasable disc pass which gives players access to all the episodes of the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode.


Season Pass

Adventure Pass


Please see the Character List for more information.


  • The Complete Adventure disc is a disc version of the Season Pass Deluxe.
    • However, you need episode one in order to get a deluxe.
  • Female Jesse is never seen with lipstick in the game, but on the disc art she is shown with it.
  • The Portal on the cover is the one that leads to the dimension where Crown Mesa was.
  • The covers have references to the different episodes. Some examples are the haunting of Endermen, a Ghast, two Competitors playing Spleef, PAMAThe White Pumpkin's Mansion, and the Wither Storm.
  • On the disk covers, Reuben can be seen with a black eye. However, in Minecraft: Story Mode, it is possible for Reuben to not have a black eye.


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