"This was supposed to be my world, and you ruined it!"
Aiden to Jessesrc

The Blaze Rods are a group of builders and adventurers who first appeared in "Order Up!". They consist of three of the former members of The Ocelots and are led by Aiden.



The Blaze Rods wear leather jackets similar to those of The Ocelots, however, they have two blaze rods at the back. They also wear gray armor covering their arms.


The Blaze Rods are arrogant, similar to the Ocelots, but are portrayed to be much more mean, rude, and cruel than before. They are extremely jealous of Jesse's gang, and would go to any extent to get their fame and get them into trouble. They act more like tyrants than the time they were The Ocelots.



  • Jesse can choose to call The Blaze Rods, "Aiden and the Pussycats." This refers to The Ocelots. It also refers to "Josie and the Pussycats", an TV series that ran from 1974 to 1976.
  • It is not known what happened to The Blaze Rods after Episode 5, but it is most likely that they were either thrown in a prison cell or decided to help out the Sky City citizens, depending on how Jesse treats them.
  • Lukas is the only member of The Ocelots who is not in The Blaze Rods.


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