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Were you looking for Romeo, commonly known as The Admin?

The Admins are a group of world-creators with amazing powers in Minecraft: Story Mode.


Fred, Xara, and Romeo used to spend most of their time in a cabin. Later, they all left the cabin and expanded upon the first world that existed The Underneath, and they created their own villages, becoming well respected and praised among all the people. Romeo, still reminiscent of their past, built his town/arena Romeoburg around the cabin that they had lived in, however, Xara and Fred were all for starting anew, making their own towns Fred's Keep and The Oasis. After Romeo lost himself trying to keep the Admins together, he is said to have bedrocked over the Underneath and created the Overworld.

Admin Powers

As an admin, one is given a unique set of incredible powers. Being that Romeo is the only active Admin in Minecraft: Story Mode before losing his powers, we are given a look at what one can do with these set of powers, a few of which are usable in Minecraft itself, either by certain features in a server or commands.

  • Flight: An Admin can fly, making it easier for them to reach high places.
  • Super-strength: An Admin is exceptionally strong, which was shown when Romeo destroyed an area of the roof of the sea temple with a single blow in his Prismarine Colossus form and destroyed the arena platform for Jesse versus Petra/Jack.
  • Telekinesis: An Admin can mentally maneuver objects as well as people. This was displayed when Romeo made Jesse, as well as his/her friends, float up to him, and when he created a platform by pulling apart pieces of the Sunshine Institute for Jesse and Petra/Jack to battle on.
  • Omnificence: An Admin is omnificent, which means they can create their own mobs. Romeo is known to create a Giant Ghast, Icy Golem, Prison Slime, Icy Ender Creeper, Icy Spider, Creeder, Prison Zombie, Prison Golem, Prison Spider, Giant Enderman, Giant Magma Golem, and Prismarine Foe.
    • Limitless constructions: According to the runes in the Sea Temple, Romeo built the world. He can also build anything instantly, as he created his Icy Palace of Despair instantly; he also created himself a body to be a colossus. The Warden even called him an "endless source of building brilliance." Apparently, the other Admins had this ability as well.
    • Clothing generation: An Admin can create clothing for themselves and others, which was presented when Romeo altered the clothing of the Warden and changed Jack's/Petra's clothing.
    • Custom objects: An Admin can also create customized objects. Such as the Prismarine Gauntlet, aka Romeo's Gauntlet, created by Romeo. Fred has also created a gauntlet, the Golden Gauntlet.
  • Teleportation: An Admin can teleport themselves, as well as others, and objects to any location they require, as seen when Romeo teleported Jesse and Jack/Petra to the Sunshine Institute and teleported the "guests" and zombies away before appearing in the Zombie Mines.
  • Shape-shifting: An Admin can shape-shift to fool people into thinking that he's someone else, as shown when Romeo took the form of Vos, a Prismarine colossus, a snowman, and Jesse. As well as taking people's appearance, he can take their voices. Strangely enough, when he took Jesse, Petra/Jack, or Fred's appearance, the voice has a small robotic undertone. That did not seem to happen when he took the appearance of Vos, the Colossus, or the snowman, mainly because it was to let the Player know that it's NOT Romeo in-disguise.
  • Indestructibility: An Admin is indestructible, as shown when Romeo wasn't harmed by the swords Jesse and Petra/Jack used to attack him. He even said that swords, in general, can't hurt him.
  • Telepathy: An Admin can talk to people telepathically whose hands are caught inside of the Prismarine Gauntlet, which was shown when Romeo was speaking telepathically to Jesse. They can also possibly read people's thoughts.
    • Mind control: An Admin can control two or possibly more entities at the same time[1]. This was shown when Romeo controlled his snowman while in his Vos form.
  • Electrokinesis: An Admin can strike entities with a red electric shock. This was shown when Romeo struck Petra/Jack when Jesse was supposed to battle Petra/Jack if the player did not attempt to attack the opponent. 
  • Size-Manipulation: An Admin could allow themselves to grow to an immense size, as shown when Romeo, in Vos form, grew to the size of a prismarine colossus when battling Jesse.
  • Item Generation: An Admin is capable of spawning stuff on someone or despawning them. This was shown when Jesse lost all of his items, including Armor after he was teleported by Romeo to the Sunshine Institute. This was also shown when Romeo spawned a diamond sword on Jesse's hand in "Jailhouse Block" before Jesse is forced to fight Petra/Jack.



  • In reality, admin is short for administrator. The role acts as a higher staff member of an internet network or even a gaming community server, more or less serving as a superuser who gives out and has access to administrative privileges.
    • In the Minecraft universe, admin ranking is given by the creator of a world to another user in the server. There can be different types of admin ranks (e.g. moderator) that the owner can create and give out to any trusted player of their choice.
    • With this being said, and given that is confirmed by both Romeo and Fred in "Above and Beyond" that they did not always have powers, it is possible that they obtained their powers by the individual who first created The Underneath.
  • The only known way to remove powers from an admin is to use the Golden Gauntlet. What Romeo used to remove Xara's powers is unknown.
  • Romeo's and Xara's fates are determined by choices made. Each one can be either alive or dead, giving a total of four possibilities. If Xara is killed by Romeo, and Romeo is left behind in Terminal Space, there are no surviving Admins.
  • When a person receives Admin powers, it is possible they might change form. This is evidenced as to when Romeo became normal human after his powers were removed by the Golden Gauntlet, another evidence is that Xara looked different than herself in her Admin form in the portrait shown in "Below the Bedrock".



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