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The Terminal Space is an area in Minecraft: Story Mode, Season 2, serving as a physical interface for Romeo's powers. Although there is little information given about its purpose, it most likely represents a coding plane, holding templates and assets for Romeo's usage.



The space inhabits a different plane of existence from the Overworld.


The Terminal Space consists of a bridge made of sea lanterns, several models of Romeo's creations, such as the Giant Ghast and the Giant Clock, the exit portal, and the sanctum at the very end of the bridge containing the Primary Terminal.

The Primary Terminal was a device used for command inputs, and consisted of a block grid and an item frame. The terminal could be activated through a "word of passage", which involved dispensing an item from a chest and placing it into the frame, accompanied by a grid number configuration.

Known protocols:

  • #Potato451 (Normal) -
    • Parrot Party Protocol - Summons a flock of parrots, accompanied by upbeat music.
  • #Potato451 (Poisoned) -
    • Gold Protocol - A contingency made by Fred to remove Romeo's powers with the Golden Gauntlet.



Season 2



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