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"Legend says it was a mighty tool that could grow civilizations like seeds, create cities in the blink of an eye. You need one of those to close your pit."
Jack, about the Structure Block. src

The Structure Block is a block that can cause a certain build to be copied and then placed.


  • In "Hero in Residence", Jesse is given a choice between two structure blocks in the Sea Temple. Jesse will later use the block to hold off a horde of statue warriors.
    • Jesse will also use the block to stop the Heckmouth in the cavern.
    • He/she will also place it down in Beacontown.

Types of Structure Blocks

Arrow Tower

The Arrow Tower makes dispensers which shoots out arrows if an enemy is nearby. It's also been called "The Tower of the Warrior."

Shield Wall

The Shield Wall will create a wall with obsidian to stop enemies from getting to its user, as they cannot punch through obsidian. It's also been called "The Wall of the Builder."


  • The two builds Jesse must pick, belonging to a certain structure block, are a defensive wall and a wall with the ability to attack using dispensers.
  • Jesse is probably the first person to reach the Structure Blocks, since the building belonging to the Structure Block he/she doesn't chose disappears.
  • The Structure Block seems to pulse, similar to the Redstone Heart.
  • It is unknown how the Structure Block was made.
  • The Arrow Tower did not fire arrows when it was placed over the Heckmouth or at Beacontown. (Determinant)
    • This might be because there were no Hostile Mobs for it to fire arrows at.