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Stacy Plays is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode, first appearing in "A Portal to Mystery". She is voiced by Stacy Hinojosa.



Stacy Plays appears to have her normal Minecraft skin, which is a white and blue patterned long sleeve shirt with blue jeans and brown leather boots. She has long, brown hair and she has green eyes and appears to wear a quiver bag on her back.


Stacy is portrayed to be a quiet, curious, and private person who only speaks when necessary or addressed at. She seems to be quick to pass on the blame when evidence points to someone, and she's not afraid to state her opinion and stand by it.



"I get a sweet-tooth when I'm nervous."
—Stacy Plays to Jesse. src
"Not nearly as suspicious *as* Lukas."
—Stacy to Jesse about Lukas. src
"Well, I'm not great at good-byes, so I'm actually just going to start walking home. Thanks for everything."
—Stacy Plays to Jesse's Gang and the surviving YouTuberssrc
"Aww, see? He likes you."
—Stacy to Jesse about her pet wolf puppy, Winksrc
"No, I totally want to go one of your friends creepy secret passageway."
—Stacy to Petra. src
Stacy Plays: "Dan was in there *way* longer!"
DanTDM: "Hey! Not cool!"
Cassie: "Guys, guys, come on!"
—Stacy Plays accusing DanTDM as the murderer. src
"Here Jesse, give him a bone and he'll calm down."
—Stacy to Jesse talking about Wink. src


  • Stacy is a popular member of the Minecraft YouTube Community, and has over 2 million subscribers.
  • Stacy is the only surviving YouTuber not to be one of the suspects for being The White Pumpkin.
    • However, upon finding the pre-X'd paintings, the player has the option of accusing her, with Stampy reminding Jesse that there was a painting for her.
  • In "A Portal to Mystery", Stacy and Stampy's portraits are the only ones shown with them sitting on a chair.
    • Coincidentally, Stacy and Stampy are the only two YouTubers who always survive in Episode 6, regardless of the player's decisions.
  • She is one of the two YouTubers whose survival is not determinant (the other being Stampy).
  • At the end credits of Episode Six, her pets are listed in the "Telltale Pets" section (Page, Molly, Polly, and Milquetoast).
  • Stacy herself said at MineCon 2016, she had a death scene. However, that never happened in the game.
    • Eric Stirpe, the game's writer, stated that it was originally scheduled for Stacy to die. but this was cut due to low budget and Telltale Games couldn't afford to make that scene.[1]
  • "Stacy Plays" and "StacyPlays" are interchangeable terms.
  • Stacy Plays is one of the only two known YouTubers from Season 1 who also appears in Season 2, the other being Stampy Cat.


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