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"So the eggs all have creatures inside them..."

Spawn Eggs are items in Minecraft: Story Mode that are used to spawn mobs.



Spawn eggs can only be obtained through the Eversource, who lays them at regular intervals.


Spawn eggs have mobs inside them, and cracking one causes a mob to spawn. They are color-coded to represent which general mob they have inside them.


The eggs are color-coded depending on what mob it spawns (Example: spawn eggs that are black/green spawn creepers).


  • Spawn eggs can be misused, as shown in "Order Up!", when Aiden uses them to attack Sky City.
  • In regular Minecraft, spawn eggs can only be obtained in creative mode, unless obtained by cheats in survival mode.
  • In "Order Up!", it is believed that Isa used the drops of the mobs from the spawn eggs to gain the materials needed for Sky City.
  • In the game, they are thrown like snowballs or regular eggs, but in Minecraft, they are placed down like a block.
  • Some mobs, such as Iron Golems, do not have a spawn egg.