The Sky City Portal is a Minecraft: Story Mode exclusive portal that leads to Sky City or its surrounding islands. It first appeared in "Order Up!". The portal can be ignited using an Enchanted Flint and Steel.



Two such portals are known to exist in Minecraft: Story Mode. One portal is located inside the Temple of the Old Builders, within the Overworld. The other is found on the surface below Sky City in an unknown dimension.


The Sky City Portal appears to be made out of chiseled quartz blocks which surround the inner light-blue center. The portal also has an additional border of gold blocks, giving it a unique shape resembling an egg.​



  • In "Order Up!", Jesse's gang and The Blaze Rods go through a portal at The Old Builders' Temple to reach Sky City.
    • Another portal is in the Overworld below Sky City leading to the Portal Network.


  • The second Sky City Portal used to be located underground before it was uncovered by Jesse, Lukas (determinant), and Isa in episode five.
  • The Sky City Portal is not available in Minecraft, making it exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • The second Sky City Portal actually leads to The Portal Network.
    • Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor assumed that it lead to back to the Overworld.
  • Even though the other portal doesn't lead to Sky City, it does have the same structure as the first portal, and can be traveled back to the same world from the Portal Network.


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