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The Sky City Palace is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode. It is located in Sky City and appears in "Order Up!".



The palace is located in Sky City. It is situated very close to the inn and Build Club.


The palace is made up of mostly gold and iron blocks on the outside. There are stairs that lead to the entrance of the palace leading to Isa's throne room, containing a library and an open balcony.

There is also a basement in the Palace accessed by a lever. In this region, there are chests which contains spawn eggs




  • It was destroyed by The Blaze Rods when they threw Spawn Eggs that spawned Hostile Mobs.
  • The central dome of the palace bears a slight resemblance to the dome at EnderCon.
  • Both the Sky City Palace and Hadrian's Palace are made-up of a very high amount of precious materials. The Sky City Palace is mostly made up of iron and gold blocks where Hadrian's Palace is mostly made up of obsidian, quartz, and stained glass.
  • There is a book in the library called, "Tales of the Endermen, by Soren".
    • Soren the Architect could have visited Sky City because of this.


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