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"They really mean business."
Lukas, about the Sky City Guards. src

Sky City Guards are officers who help protect Sky City in Minecraft: Story Mode. They first appeared in ​"Order Up!".



The guards usually wear special uniforms, mostly brown and gold. They wear a hat with a gold egg on it, and have black boots. They also appear to be wearing white gloves.


Here are the known Sky City Guards:

  • Reginald (Captain)
  • Palace Entrance Guard (Guards the entrance to the Palace)
  • Garden Guard (Guards a garden for Sky City's food)
  • Furnace Guard (Checks signs for people who want to use the furnace)
  • Crafting Table Guard (Guards a crafting table for townspeople to use)
  • Staircase Guard (Guards a flight of stairs, or staircase)

There are other guards in Sky City, but their jobs are unknown.


"Don't worry, everyone, your turn will come in time. Please have your materials ready when you approach the crafting table."
—The Crafting Table Guard telling everyone in line. src
"The Founder isn't accepting visitors right now."
—The Palace Entrance Guard to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Sorry, stranger. Can't go here."
—The Staircase Guard telling Jesse he/she can't go here. (Determinant) src
"Dale: 'Ten stone blocks.' Oh, yes, that went very well. 'Melissa: Three cooked porkchops.' She rescheduled. Classic Mel."
—The Furnace Guard checking the schedule written on a wooden sign. (Determinant) src
"If you wish to make an appointment, speak to The Founder. Good day."
—The Furnace Guard telling Jesse to speak to The Founder. (Determinant) src


  • If Jesse looks at the Staircase Guard a few times, he/she may comment about him having a "powerful stache".
    • This may be a reference to The Walking Dead.
  • The Furnace Guard is the only character who uses a wooden sign as a note and holds it in his hands.
  • Besides Reginald, the Sky City Guards were confirmed to not have official names and are only called Guard01 through Guard05[1].



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