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"My poultry! My precious poultry!"
—Sigge after Jesse broke his chicken machine. src

Sigge is the owner of the Chicken Machine at EnderCon. He is voiced by Billy West.



He wears a blue T-shirt with a chicken on it, olive colored pants, and black shoes. He has ginger-blond hair and wears black glasses.


He is seen disliking people who mess around with his chicken machine. Other than that, his personality is not explored.


  • He is one of some characters who don't have their real name shown in-game, another example being Ivy.
    • His name, Sigge, was confirmed by Telltale staff.
  • His appearance was most likely based on that of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, a chicken-centered fast food restaurant.
  • The chicken machine is one of the three animal machines, with the others being the Cow-A-Pult and the Bovine Lava Disco.


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