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"It's an ocean monument, alright. The Villagers of Mushroom Archipelago call it 'The Sea Temple'."
Jack to Jesse and Petrasrc

The Sea Temple is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. It is a massive building under the ocean. It contains two structure blocks: the Tower of the Warrior and the Wall of the Builder. In the structure block room, the myth of The Admin is written on the walls. It closely resembles The Ocean Monument in the original Minecraft. Currently, the only known way of getting in is with the Prismarine Gauntlet.



The Sea Temple is located deep below an ocean called Doom Sea in the Overworld, though it is out of the map most people know.


The Sea Temple is mainly built using prismarine with unique carvings. The main gates of the temple can be opened with the prismarine gauntlet, and sponges inside the temple are used to dry water up. Inside the Sea Temple are several rooms separated by doors that can be opened with the prismarine gauntlet. There is a room with several prismarine colossus statues capable of moving their heads; a challenge room with Elder Guardians in floating water, cages made of glowing obsidian, and a "puzzling door"; a room with prismarine foes that come to life after the exit is opened with the gauntlet; and a treasure room, which contains the structure blocks, runes about the legend of The Admin, and Romeo's terminal/portal that Xara designed for The Admins to visit each other.


  • Romeo (Formerly)
  • Prismarine Foes
  • Guardians
  • Elder Guardians
  • Vos (Formerly)



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