"I'm really sorry, everyone. That pile of inventory there? That was my friend... Sammy..."
Jack to Petra, Jesse, and Nurm about Sammy. src

Sammy is a minor, deceased, and unseen character in Minecraft: Story Mode, Season 2. She was friends with Jack, Nurm, and Vos.



Nothing of Sammy's appearance is known thus far.


Sammy was presumably quite adventurous, as she hung around Jack, Nurm, and Vos who were well-known adventurers, as pointed out by Petra and Stella.



Sammy was killed by Elder Guardians set as traps in Romeo's Sea Temple.


  • Sammy is one of the characters whose appearance isn't seen in-game.
    • Others are Dale, Melissa (mentioned by a Sky City Guard), Gary, Sally (mentioned by Soren), the real Vos (mentioned by Jack), The Followers of Soren (mentioned by Radar), Master Shadow (mentioned by Ivor), The Chief (mentioned in a book in Fred's house), Glenn (mentioned by a guard) and the many other people Jack mentioned in his stories.
  • It was confirmed by Eric Stirpe that Sammy was female. [1]
    • Sammy being female makes her the only female member of Jack's gang.
    • Sammy has no canon appearance. [2]



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