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"Jesse... The Slayer of the Wither Storm... The Savior of Sky City... The Liberator of Crown Mesa... The Old Builders' Downfall... This world’s champion... This world’s mightiest hero... The most worthy... Worthiest in all the land..."
—Romeo's Gauntlet whispering to Jesse. src

Romeo's Gauntlet is a glove that Romeo puts on his champions. It is found by Jesse in the underground and makes its debut appearance in Season 2, "Hero in Residence". When Romeo sticks a new gauntlet to either Petra or Jack's hand, the colors of the gauntlet turn red.


  • In "Hero in Residence", Jesse finds the gauntlet, which gets stuck to his/her hand.
  • In "Giant Consequences", the gauntlet remains on Jesse's hand before being removed by Romeo. Later, Romeo sticks a new gauntlet on Petra or Jack's hand.
  • In "Jailhouse Block", Jack/Petra is seen wearing the gauntlet in a red color in the Zombie Mines. After Jesse and Petra/Jack try to take out Romeo, he takes away the gauntlet from Petra/Jack after he takes the form of Jesse. Later in the Order Hall, Romeo is in Jesse's form with the gauntlet on his hand.


  • Romeo's Gauntlet is able to open doors in Romeo's Sea Temple.
    • Jack somehow went into the Sea Temple too and seems to know a lot more about the prismarine gauntlet than he tells.
      • He also claimed that he found a Prismarine Gauntlet once.
  • Romeo's Gauntlet can possibly be tracked down by The Admin, since he found Jesse easily even though he/she was quite difficult to follow.
  • Romeo can probably speak telepathically through Romeo's Gauntlet. (the whispering voices that Jesse only hears)
  • Romeo said in "Giant Consequences" that he left his Gauntlet in order to tempt Jesse to the Sea Temple.
  • The Gauntlet probably updates its colours based on Romeo's appearance every time it switches owners.
  • It is likely that only the person with the gauntlet can hear its whispers.
    • Petra claimed once/twice (determinant) that she could not hear anything when Jesse found the prismarine gauntlet whispering.
    • The gauntlet's whispers could not be heard when it was on Jack, Petra, or Romeo.
    • This may be a reference to the series Trollhunters, where the amulet can only be used by the person it has chosen.
  • There is another gauntlet called the Golden Gauntlet. It is used to take away Romeo's powers.
  • There was an unused Gauntlet variant called snow/snowy Gauntlet.
  • Romeo, in his Jesse form, wears the gauntlet in "Jailhouse Block", but it is nowhere to be seen in the epilogue of "Below the Bedrock" or in "Above and Beyond".
    • It could be assumed that Romeo took the gauntlet off his hand off-screen.


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