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Reuben's Memorial is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode. It was built to honor Reuben, who had died from fall damage after helping defeat the Wither Storm.



The Memorial is located near the Order Hall, which is located in Beacontown. It was first surrounded by EnderCon stalls but is now somewhere in the center of the city square.


Reuben's Memorial consists of a structure with a banner of Reuben's head. Below it is in item frame with Reuben's name. The structure is mostly made out of Quartz and Polished Diorite blocks. Nearby the memo are other structures including Ivor's Pad and the Amulet beacon. Nearby are also several plants, including saplings.


  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", the memorial was built one week after Reuben's death, where the celebration of The Wither Storm's defeat took place; before the construction on the town began, there were stalls around the said memorial.
  • In "Hero in Residence", Jesse and Radar visit Reuben's memorial while helping Beacontown set up for Founding Day. (Determinant)
  • In "Giant Consequences", during the attack on Beacontown by Romeo's Prismarine Colossus Construct, he steps on the memorial. Later, after his defeat, Jesse can rebuild the memorial.
  • In "Above and Beyond", Jesse visits rebuilt Reuben's memorial while looking around for Stella in "twisted" Beacontown. (Determinant)



  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", the game states that the memorial was built one week after Reuben's death.
  • Another smaller memorial to Reuben was built inside the Order Hall with a banner of Reuben and the framed porkchop that Reuben dropped on death.
  • The Memorial is redesigned in Season 2.
    • If Jesse chooses to not rebuild it and clear all blocks, he/she will reveal that Reuben "always appreciated a minimalist approach, except when it came to food."
  • Reuben's memorial has Polished Diorite Stairs, which weren't even in Minecraft when the game was made.
  • It is safe to say that most, if not all, players (at least me, KaydenceGirl683, who's adding this) were (pardon my language) "pissed off" when the Admin destroyed it intentionally.


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