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Redstonia is a city and location in Minecraft: Story Mode. It was founded and created by Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer.



Redstonia is a town located on a tropical island somewhere on the far east of the Overworld, as shown on the Tracking Device. The Dome of Concentration is found in this location.


Redstonia is made mostly of redstone blocks, sandstone and red sandstone. There are many machines and inventions located throughout Redstonia which were built by redstonists aspiring to become Ellegaard's protégé.


Redstonia is home to many redstone engineers and is ruled by Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer/Olivia (determinant), and is inhabited mainly by people who love to invent redstone machines and mechanisms. 



Notable Inventions


  • If Jesse goes to Redstonia (Determinant), at the end of "A Block and a Hard Place", he/she has the option to call it one of "the weirdest places in the world."
  • Redstonia has its own official banner which depicts a piece of Redstone Dust on a red background.
    • These Banners can be seen on display throughout Redstonia. Later, in "Order Up!", if Jesse chooses to visit Redstonia and later wear Ellegaard's armor, he/she can see several Redstonia Banners inside the Order Hall.
  • If Jesse chooses to go to Boom Town, Redstonia is not shown to be destroyed by The Wither Storm.
  • If Ellegard died, then Olivia is now the leader of Redstonia and they honor Ellegaard with a dance on Founding Day. If Ellegard is alive however, Olivia will be her official assistant and they will build music machines for the evening ball of the founding day.
  • Olivia determinately refers to it as "Ellegaard's Capital City of Engineering" in "Assembly Required".


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