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The Redstone Heart is a special power source exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode that first appeared in "Access Denied".


  • In "Access Denied", Jesse removes the Redstone Heart from the core of PAMA to shut it down.
  • After returning to The Portal Network, Jesse inserts it into a secret slot opened by Harper. This makes a prismarine portal sink into the ground and reveals a flight of stairs leading to the Atlas.
  • In "A Journey's End?", Jesse shows Hadrian the Redstone Heart to strike a deal with him. The entire plot of the episode revolves around Hadrian trying to retrieve the heart from Jesse by any means necessary.
  • In "Hero in Residence", the Redstone Heart can be seen in the Order Hall.



The Redstone Heart appears to be mostly red, as created with redstone dust. It also has a pink and white symbol at each side, shaped like a four-petaled flower. This appeared to be the heart's core.


The Redstone Heart is a powerful energy source used to power anything, which means it isn't inherently dangerous. It was used by Harper to create PAMA, then by Jesse to reveal the stairs to the Atlas.


  • The Redstone Heart is exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode.
    • However, it seems to share a similar appearance to the nether reactor core when activated, except that it has a pattern similar to a redstone lamp.
  • If Jesse looks at a book in Harper's Secret Laboratory, they will find the third book by Soren with the same name as "The Redstone Heart."
  • The Redstone Heart appears to pulse periodically, resembling the beating of a real heart.
  • The Redstone Heart beats slower when it was disconnected from PAMA.
  • In episode 8, Hadrian reveals that the Redstone Heart used to be in possession of the Old Builders. One day Harper left and took the Redstone Heart with her.