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Redstone Dust is a material found in Minecraft: Story Mode. It is used to create circuits that can activate machines, serving as a "wire."



  • Although Jesse only uses Redstone Dust twice, it is seen very often throughout the game (Olivia, Ellegaard, Redstonia, etc.).
  • Inside the Wither Storm, there appears to be purple-colored Redstone covering the floor.
  • If the Old Man gives Jesse some Redstone Dust, Jesse will make a crack about getting "dust from a random old guy", possibly referring to an illegal drug.
  • In Minecraft, Redstone Dust also acts as additive to extend the duration of potion effects. It can be supposed that Ivor uses it in his potions considering he "uses only the best ingredients".
  • In regular Minecraft, the distance of Redstone signal is limited to 15 blocks so that further transmission requires Repeaters. This limitation is present in Episode 2 Redstonia side.
    • However, in Episode 7, the TNT chain is only connected through Redstone dust and the signal is still transmitted all the way.
  • In Episode 7, there are Redstone Dusts travelling up blocks in Crown Mesa, which is restricted in regular Minecraft.
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