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A Prison Zombie is a zombie variant and is exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode. They are different from normal zombies, as they have red eyes, have part of their rib cage exposed, and have gray and black skin. They wear orange outfits similar to inmates, but much more ragged and tattered. They first appeared in "Jailhouse Block", but do not appear again after.


  • In "Jailhouse Block", after Jesse and Jack/Petra reunite in the Sunshine Institute, they go into the Burrows, where they encounter prison zombies. Jack/Petra then get grabbed by a pair of them, and Jesse kills them with the help of Jack/Petra.
    • Later after Jesse, Jack, Petra, Radar, Xara, and Lluna/Nurm escape the Sunshine Institute, they encounter more prison zombies in the Burrows as well as other mobs, such as prison spiders and creeders.


  • As confirmed by Eric Stirpe, these zombie variants are called "Prison Zombies." [1]



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