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Prison Golems are a variant of Iron Golem that is exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode. They act as guards of the Sunshine Institute. They first appeared in "Jailhouse Block".


Like their original counterparts, Prison Golems are normally passive/harmless, but will always obey the commands of The Warden and Romeo without hesitation.


  • In "Jailhouse Block", several Prison Golems appear in the Sunshine Institute, the first one who appears is named Big Hank, who chases Jesse to the entrance of the Sunshine Institute, later when Jesse and Petra/Jack attempt to escape the institute for the first time, they are chased by a Golem named Large Henry, and another unnamed Golem, one of them then captures Jesse and Petra/Jack, the unnamed one brings the latter to the Mush Room, and Large Henry brings Jesse to The Warden's office. While Jesse is in The Warden's office, 2 Golems appear when Jesse looks out the window, one of which is shown with Radar and Nurm, they appear physically for the last time when Large Henry takes Terry to the Zombie Mines.
    • Although it is not seen, a Prison Golem can be heard when Jesse, Jack, Petra, Radar, Xara, and Lluna/Nurm escape the Institute.
  • In "Above and Beyond", red variants of prison golems are first seen when Jesse, Jack, Petra, Radar/Binta, and Nurm/Lluna enter Beacontown and see Axel, Olivia, and Stella with Romeo in Jesse's form. They are then seen again patrolling throughout Beacontown, and Jesse may command them to do certain things. When Jesse attempts to get inside Romeo's tower in Beacontown, Jesse encounters a red prison golem and fights it. It then falls off the tower to its death.

Notable Members


  • Prison Golems are the second exclusive variant of Iron Golems, the first being the Icy Golems.
  • Said by Eric Stirpe, whatever mob in the Sunshine Institute was called "prison [mob name here]." [1]



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