Prismarine Colossus is a type of boss mob in Minecraft: Story Mode, Season 2. They are a larger version of Prismarine Foes.


  • In "Hero in Residence," several Prismarine Colossi can be seen in Sea Temple, including one being directly controlled by Romeo. Romeo's Prismarine Colossus begins to attack Jesse's gang after they obtain a Structure Block, then follows them to Beacontown.
  • In "Giant Consequences," Romeo uses his own Prismarine Colossus to attack Beacontown. Later, the Prismarine Colossus is destroyed by Jesse using his/her Prismarine Gauntlet.
  • In "Above and Beyond," there is a Prismarine Colossus near the portal in Terminal Space.
    • After Romeo notices Jesse's trespass, he summons four Prismarine Colossus. The Colossus vanish after the Golden Gauntlet bursts a shock wave.
    • After Romeo's powers get stripped off, one of the remaining Prismarine Colossus becomes glitched due to the Terminal Space collapsing, goes berserk, and breaks the bridge to the exit portal. If Jesse chose to save Fred's people in Episode 4, it is distracted and killed by the Giant Enderman.


  • Romeo mentions that Prismarine Colossi require Admin power to control. Therefore, the reason that the other Prismarine Colossi in the sea temple stay neutral is possibly because they are all under Romeo's control, despite their hostile nature.
  • The Prismarine Colossus controlled by Romeo in "Giant Consequences" drops Prismarine Shards on death, but the Prismarine Colossi summoned by Romeo in "Above and Beyond" drop nothing when destroyed.
  • The Prismarine Colossus and the Prismarine Soldiers share one weakness: the back of the head(s).


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