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A Potion of Leaping is a potion item found in Minecraft: Story Mode. It raises users' possible jump height and reduces their fall damage.


  • In A Block and a Hard Place, Jesse can steal a Potion of Leaping from the Witch's Hut.
    • He/she can later use this to jump onto the maze, or go into the Wither Storm.
  • In "Order Up!", Ivor determinately gives Jesse a Potion of Leaping depending on his/her choice to get past hostile mobs and the Blaze Rods. If Jesse keeps silent, Ivor will suggest him/her this potion.
  • In "Access Denied", Ivor has the two remaining potions Jesse did not select in "Order Up!". A potion of leaping is one of them if Jesse did not take it before.
  • In "A Journey's End?", If Jesse saves Petra in Spleef, Ivor will drop a potion of leaping in the Piston trap if Jesse took the other two potions in Order Up and Access Denied, However, If Ivor is saved in Spleef, Slab will destroy the potion of leaping before it is drank.


  • Comparing to other potions, Potion of Leaping is harder to obtain because it requires a rare drop from a rabbit in Minecraft.
  • If the Potion of Leaping is not taken from the Witch's Hut, Jesse cannot use it later on in the Episode.
  • In Episode 4, after Jesse comes back to Soren's Fortress with the super weapon, if Jesse has Potion of Leaping at this moment, the choice of the potion will occupy the place for the Flying Machine.
  • In Access Denied, if Jesse chooses Potion of Leaping, he/she will drop primed TNT from midair instead of leaving Redstone-TNT trail.
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