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The Portal Network, or the Portal Hallway, is a large hallway lined with several Portals leading to different dimensions. It was originally created by The Old Builders. Its first appearance was in "Order Up!" and continues to appear throughout the Adventure Pass.



The Portal Network is located in a world constructed by The Old Builders.


The Portal Network is made of several portals, each made with different types of blocks, and themed in their own way. Above, there are stone walls with torches that help light up the Hallway.


  • In "Order Up!", Jesse's gang go through a portal in the world where Sky City was. They expected to be at their own dimension, but land in the Portal Network instead.
  • In "A Portal to Mystery", Jesse's gang enter the Portal (in the Network) leading to a dimension where The Mansion is.
    • There is a portrait of the Network in The White Pumpkin's lair.
    • CaptainSparklez appears in the ending of the episode, recollecting the adventures the New Order might have in the next episode.
  • In "Access Denied", Jesse's gang can be seen in the introduction going in and out of portals. They finally go through the Portal leading to a dimension where Crown Mesa is located.
    • At the end of the episode, the gang goes back to the portal hallway where Harper reveals a secret passageway behind the portal made of sea lanterns. It can only be accessed by putting the Redstone Heart in hidden space behind the wall next to the portal.
  • In "A Journey's End?", Jesse's gang and Harper escape from the Portal Network and enter the Old Builders' World.
    • In the end, Jesse's gang, Harper, Otto, and the Competitors (including Emily) go back to the Network. Harper determinately leaves to Crown Mesa or somewhere else. The Competitors go back through their original world via Portal Network. Emily can determinately be brought by Jesse with The New Order of the Stone back to their dimension.


Portals (Shown On Camera)


  • Ice Portal (Jesse and the gang exit a portal covered in snow).
  • Gravity Portal
  • Sheep Portal (possibly a mob world)
  • Squid Portal (apparently, as Jesse is seen running out of a portal with a squid on his/her head, or possibly a mob world)
  • Dark World Portal (or just bat world or cave world)
  • Fire World Portal (a Nether-like world)
  • Ocean World Portal (Jesse and the gang as see in glass helmet similar to Magnus the Rogue's helmet exiting the portal)
  • Sea Lantern Portal
  • A world with Chickens the size of Zombies.
  • A world with Zombies the size of Chickens.
  • Purpur Block Portal (Possibly an outdated small reference to the 1.9 Combat Update)
  • Pink Portal
  • Many others


These are the list of locations that are found in the dimensions:


  • The White Pumpkin owns a portrait of the Portal Network.
  • Every dimension, excluding The Nether and The End, possibly contains a unique Enchanted Flint and Steel (a.k.a. Portal Key), which can be used to activate that world's portal.
    • The colors of the Enchanted Flint and Steels appear to match the portals they are associated with.
  • The Cyan Enchanted Flint and Steel is used to activate multiple portals, such as Sky City Portal, Mansion Portal, and the Crown Mesa Portal.
  • Harper mentioned that she built the Portals. This is because she is one of The Old Builders.
  • In the beginning of Episode 7, Jesse's Gang dive into numerous portals and fail on finding the way home, then finally enter the world of Crown Mesa.
  • Outside of the Portal Network is The Old Builders' world.
  • The Portal Atlas is the only known way to successfully navigate the Portal Network, with the exception of the Old Builders themselves.
  • If you enter the Portal of the same world, you will land in the Portal Network.
    • This can be proven when in "Access Denied" when Harper and Jesse's gang go on the Crown Mesa portal and land on the Portal Network.
    • This explains why in "Order Up!", Jesse's gang landed on the Portal Network instead of their own world.
  • "Portal Hallway" and "Portal Network" are interchangeable terms - both meaning the same thing.


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