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A Painting is an object that is mainly used as a decorative object, although in certain cases it is used for other, non-decorative uses.


  • In "The Last Place You Look", several paintings can be seen inside Soren's Laboratory, including a painting of a golden apple.
  • In "Order Up!", the entrance for the Build Club is located next to a painting.
  • In "A Portal to Mystery", the White Pumpkin uses paintings with peepholes to know when to activate traps. There are also portraits of everyone visiting the Mansion hanging in the foyer.
    • When a character dies, the person's painting is replaced with another painting, but this time with a red "X" on it.
  • In "Access Denied", Jesse and Ivor come across a painting called "The Big Difference" in a mesa biome. The painting perfectly depicts the terrain directly behind it, with the only difference being the absence of a cactus.
    • If Jesse successfully spots this, he/she and Ivor will find a lever by the cactus, which is used to activate the entrance to Harper's Secret Laboratory.
    • In Harper's lab, there is a painting of her and PAMA when it was created.
  • In "Below the Bedrock", when Xara returns to her home only to find her bed missing, a painting of the admins (Romeo, Fred, and Xara) are shown.
    • Later in the episode, when Jesse's gang arrived in Fred's Keep, Jesse can also craft a painting for Wanda.


  • There are 60 different possible paintings for Jesse in "A Portal to Mystery", 10 for each of Jesse's "skins" that a player can choose from, due to there being 10 types of armor available (including Magnus' or Ellegaard's).


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