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Jesse: "So where'd this Packed Ice come from?"
Soren: "We brought it back from the Ice Plains Spikes biome. It was colder there than anywhere we'd ever been -- but Magnus slipped so many times, our laughter kept us warm."
—Jesse and Soren in Ivor's Cottagesrc

Packed Ice is a block in Minecraft: Story Mode. They can only be found and obtained in the rare ice plains spikes biome.



  • The Order of The Stone once gave the block of packed ice to Ivor along with several other treasures to prevent him from revealing their secrets.
  • Packed ice will not melt when placed near a light source.
  • In Minecraft, any non-full block placed on top of packed ice will have the same slipperiness effect as the packed ice.
    • However, if soul sand is placed on top of packed ice then the packed ice will amplify the slowness effect of the soul sand instead of making it slippery.
  • In Minecraft, packed ice can only be obtained by mining it with a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch.
    • A member of The Order of Stone must have used a silk touch pickaxe in order to obtain the block of packed ice.
  • In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, packed ice will spawn as the windows in igloos.
  • Upon taking the packed ice, Jesse will say "Ooh -- cold! And slippery."
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