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The Overworld is a dimension in Minecraft: Story Mode. It consists of vast stretches of various biomes and is home to humans and most mobs. From the Overworld, the player can enter The Nether or The End.

In Minecraft: Story Mode, there is an ​Overworld for each portal. One of the known Overworlds is The Order of the Stone's homeland, which is accessed by a wood portal in The Portal Network. In the story, the term Overworld usually refers to the one in the Order's world.

Notable Inhabitants

The following list is about the Order's Overworld. For info about other Overworlds, see their corresponding articles or categories.

Notable Locations

The following list is about the Order's Overworld. For info about other Overworlds, see their corresponding articles or categories.


  • Sky City was thought to be floating over The Void; however, it was revealed by Jesse, Isa, and determinately Lukas after they fell down from the city that it was floating above an Overworld of another world.
  • The other worlds may also have their own Nether and End dimensions, as The Old Builders' world has its quartz mines in its Nether.
    • This might be because of a feature in the dimension.
  • Instead of having a portal to the Portal Network, there is a portal to Sky City in the Overworld.
    • Because the Sky City Portal in Sky City dimension links to the Portal Network, as well as the Mansion Portal in YouTubers' world and Crown Mesa Portal in Crown Mesa link to it, it can be speculated that a world needs its own corresponding portal to access the Portal Hallway directly. Similarly, in the Order's Homeland, possibly only the type of the Oak Wood portal links to the Portal Network.
    • It is unknown why the Overworld doesn't have a portal that leads straight to the Portal Network.
      • It's possible that there's a buried portal to the portal network somewhere, since the location of the mansion and sky city portals are buried in the ground and not in a builders temple.
    • It's possible that the builders temple in the mansion world contains a dormant sky city portal.
  • It is confirmed that Sunshine Institute and The Underneath are in the Order's world, below layers of bedrock.[1]



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