The Minecraft Story Mode Wiki may be a fan-based community, but there is a certain standard of editing, and a format for pages all over the wiki. Please follow this format and the writing guidelines mentioned below whenever creating or updating a page on the wiki.

Writing Guidelines

  • Always write an article from a neutral perspective. Do not use 'you', but instead refer to the reader as 'The Player', 'He/She', or if needed, Jesse.
  • Never add unconfirmed information to pages. If you feel the information may be controversial, cite your sources using the references tag.
  • Do not write about everything that happens in an episode. Keep the information short and spoiler-free to give our viewers a good experience on the wiki.


Pages have a set format which has to be followed. Please write pages according to this format only. All pages must have an infobox.

Character Pages

The Jesse page is an ideal example of how character pages should be-

  • A short intro
  • Biography containing:
    • Appearance
    • Personality
  • Killed Victims
  • Relationships (Include only special relationships)
  • Quotes (If Any)
  • Trivia (If Any)
  • Notes (If Any)

Episode Pages

The Order Up! page is an ideal example of how episode pages should be-

  • A synopsis + release date 
  • Characters who have appeared
  • Achievements
  • Choices
  • Trivia

Other Pages (Items, Mobs)

  • Short intro
  • Notable characters/appearances
  • Trivia

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