The Minecraft Story Mode Wiki has all the information you would want to find out that has to do with the Mojang and Telltale Games collaboration game Minecraft: Story Mode.

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Jesse's Gang and Main Characters

Jack's Group

The Admins

The Order of the Stone


The Old Builders

  • Hadrian (An Old Builder in charge of The Games)
  • Mevia a.k.a. "Mevia the Enforcer" by Eric Stirpe (An Old Builder)
  • Otto (An Old Builder)
  • Harper (A former Old Builder)

The Blaze Rods

  • Aiden (The founder and leader of the Blaze Rods)
  • Gill (A member of the Blaze Rods)
  • Maya (A member of the Blaze Rods)

Admin-created Mobs


Season 1

  1. The Order of the Stone
  2. Assembly Required
  3. The Last Place You Look
  4. A Block and a Hard Place
  5. Order Up!

Adventure Pass

  1. A Portal to Mystery
  2. Access Denied
  3. A Journey's End?

Season 2

  1. Hero in Residence
  2. Giant Consequences
  3. Jailhouse Block
  4. Below the Bedrock
  5. Above and Beyond


Season 1

Adventure Pass

Season 2