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Minecraft Story Mode: An Interactive Adventure is an interactive animated series remake of the first season video game originally developed by Telltale Games only for supported devices. The interactive series was released on November 27, 2018. This is one of Telltale's final projects before their shutdown and bankruptcy. The last two episodes were released on December 5, 2018.[1]


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Differences from Minecraft: Story Mode

  • Swear words are omitted from "Minecraft: Story Mode - An Interactive Adventure" to make it more child-friendly for younger players.
  • The graphics and visuals have been heavily improved.
  • The characters' mouths move more accurately to what they are actually saying.
  • Sections involving QTEs are omitted, and those sections are now cinematic.
  • Petra gives a fourth wall-breaking tutorial that instructs the players on how to navigate through the adventure, which might take place in the same universe as the "Craft My Story" video clips[2].
  • Soren the Architect does not wear armor.
  • The "Your story is changing" notice, which is only introduced in Season 2, appears.
  • The game no longer tells the player what his or her choices were at the end of an episode.
  • The "Previously on Minecraft: Story Mode" recaps at the start of each episode are altered so that they no longer show events in previous episodes. The previews at the end of each episode are omitted, and the game jumps directly to the credits.
  • Sometimes the background music is slightly altered.
  • Petra gives the player a stone sword if Jesse gave up his/hers to Otis in order to save Reuben. In the game, Petra gives the player the gold sword she had just stolen from Ivor instead.
  • If the player collects the parts for the repeater in Redstonia, the side quests would not need to be completed, such as blowing up the Cow-A-Pult, as the player will get the parts just by talking to the people.
  • In the original game, there was a animation glitch when Jesse and Petra are running through EnderCon. When the two stopped running, there was no animation to show them slowing down. The Netflix series has fixed this.
  • Due to the series still being a Netflix show, the player can fast-forward/rewind up until the point where they encounter a choice.

Altered or Removed Choices

Many choices from the original game have been altered or removed. Those that were altered (see below) have been limited between two or three choice boxes instead of four.

  • Players can only choose between two Jesse versions instead of the traditional six or twelve.
  • The player cannot build a zombie at the building competition.
  • Because the player is not given a say in whether Jesse should leave Axel and Olivia to save the build at said competition or not, the player therefore cannot lose the competition.
  • Crafting Tables sometimes have more crafting options than the original game.
  • In Soren's Fortress, Jesse will always fail to save Reuben, and the two will fall down to the Endermen.
  • Lukas will always go to save his old friends because the player no longer has the choice to convince him to stay with Jesse and their friends.
  • In Ivor's lab, only two choices could be made as Jesse's ultimate weapon: a diamond pickaxe or a diamond hoe.
  • Jesse wears Magnus/Ellegaard's armor and will not pick a new set at Ivor's lab.
    • Despite this, Jesse is seen wearing the "Adamantium Impervium" armor in the next episode.

Language Dubs

  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Brazilian 
  • Chinese 
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Egyptian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Hungarian 
  • Polish 
  • Portuguese
  • Quebec
  • Romanian
  • Russian  
  • Swedish 
  • Turkish 


To see all the characters within the game, check here.



  • Since Minecraft: Story Mode is currently the only interactive on Netflix to not include the linear version of it, viewers who attempt to watch the series on devices that do not support interactive content will be asked to switch to a supported device.
  • Unlike the original game, the scene with Petra and Reuben giving a tutorial to first-time viewers are added.
    • The Netflix exclusive intro is written by Eric Stirpe himself. [3]
    • Unlike the original game, Petra acts as the viewer's guide, instructing the viewer on how to make choices on one's controller and selecting which Jesse a viewer wants to use.

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